Pipe Shelf DIY

Pipe Shelf DIY


Do you need shelving in your home? Maybe you have an industrial look going but don't want to spend big bucks for a pricey piece. Why not do it yourself! Assemble a sturdy shelf in just a few minutes with hardware supplies from Ace Hardware.
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• Spray Primer • Metallic Spray Paint • Wood Stain • 2x10 Wood Planks • 3/4" PVC Pipe

Before you begin: Determine what size you want your project to be. You will need to create your own personal blueprint in order to have the shelf fit where you'd like it to go. Once the dimensions are determined you can't get started with this easy DIY!

    1. Start by sanding the PVC you will be using. Once you have done this, you can cut them down to your own personal measurements.
    2. Once they are cut, you can put together the brackets and then prime all of the pieces. (Note: Use a gray spray primer! It's cheaper than the metallic spray and helps cover better.)
      3. Now the fun part- you will need to paint all of your PVC in whatever metal finish you choose and then let them dry completely.
    4. While the PVC pipes are drying, start working on the shelves. Use a paddle bit to drill 1" holes in the wood planks. These holes 
should be large enough to allow your PVC pipe to fit through. After drilling, you can sand and stain the boards.
    5Now for assembly! This is where you can use your eye to see what looks good where. Use a rubber mallet and a little finesse to make the pieces fit together.
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